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Blood tests
Tanya DokterKatagori: UmumBlood tests
AvatarTamsyn asked 4 tahun ago

I am hoping you speak English?
I need to have some blood tests done whilst I am in Bali in a couple of weeks time. Thyroid3 TFT Profile (FT3, FT4, TSH) and Vit B12.
Do I need to book ? and how much will this cost?
Many thanks

0 Answers
Web AdminWeb Admin Staff answered 4 tahun ago

Dear Tamsyn

Thanks for your attention to us.
for blood test you don’t need to book first, just come to our Clinic and do some registration
the price list for blood test that you asked is:
Thyroid3 = Rp 214.000
TFT Profile FT3 = Rp 412.500
TFT Profile FT4 = Rp 299.500
TFT Profile TSH = Rp 230.000
VIT B12 = Rp 961.000

we are looking forward your visit to our clinic